Lesbian Mouth-to-Mouth Special



Lesbian Mouth-to-Mouth Special

A masseuse, Kylie Rocket, greets a regular client, Braylin Bailey, for her latest massage appointment. Braylin says that she injured her inner thigh doing yoga this morning, so Kylie promises she can definitely help with that. Kylie asks if there are any other areas she should be focusing on today, so Braylin says that her shoulders are also really tense because she’s been under a lot of stress lately.

Braylin gets undressed and lies down on her stomach on the massage table. Kylie gets to work, massaging Braylin’s beautiful body as they do a bit of chatting to catch up. During the conversation, Braylin reveals that she’s single again, which piques Kylie’s interest.

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As the sensual massage continues, Braylin turns over onto her back so that Kylie can massage her front. Braylin begins to feel much better, and her skin is glistening from the massage oil. Sparks of attraction form between the two women, as the massage becomes increasingly intimate. Kylie suggestively offers to include something extra with the massage. Braylin gets the hint and eagerly accepts, so Kylie gives her a kiss, leading to a passionate sex session.



Actors: Kylie Rocket, Braylin Bailey

Categories: Blonde, Brunette, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Fingering, Tribbing, Lesbian, Massage, Foot Fetish, Oil, Bubble Butt, kissing, rimming, pussy eating

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